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Science of Life, Franklin Park Zoo Pics
Page last updated:  August 4, 2010 @ 3:00 pm
gorilla statue
giant stick bugs
very close to a lowland gorilla
the ostrich's foot was so cool the campers asked me to get a close up
one of several mice stealing food from the ring-tailed lemurs
kia's are loud and call back if you mimic them
the hammerkop has a huge beak
Chilean flamingos hatching eggs and brooding chicks in mud nests
African wild dogs were not very active
Grevy's zebras and Masai giraffe
we counted over 150 budgies in this walk through exhibit
the andean condors were very cool...and huge!
these black swans live outside the outback exhibit
these donkeys have an enrichment tool
the egg board shows the sizes of different types of bird eggs
turtle we saw in the duck pond
prairie dog
amur leopard