Science Camp
Project Pictures
Summer 2010
Summer @ Park)
Lead Staff
Chad, Randy, Elizabeth

Group Lab Leaders
DeadFish Herpetological
Science of Life Projects:

Session I (June 28-July 2)

Homework Due Thursday:  Bring from home something you think an isopod would eat
Field Collection @ Lars Anderson
Rolly Polly Bug Lab
Plant Lab
Pond Organisms Lab
Owl Pellet Exploration
Field Trip to Stone Zoo (Wednesday, June 30)

Session II       Week 2     (Aug 2-Aug 13)

Prehistoric Creature Lab
Human Genetics Population Lab
Termite Field Collection
Chemotaxis Lab
Betta Territorial Agression Lab
Insect vs. Human Strength Lab
Field Ethology Labs at Franklin Park Zoo

Junior Einsteins Projects:

Session I      Week 2    (July 6-July 16):  Kitchen Chemistry Theme

Homework Due Friday July 9th:  Bring from home a sample of something that tastes sour

Discovering the Unknown
Physical Changes
Chemical Changes                                                                  Please don't miss the all group OOBLECK-athon
Grass-->Cows-->Plastic                                                           pictures on the
Week 2 page!
Polymer Properties
Acid Tests
Plastic Bag Slime
Which is Which Crystals
Liquid or Solid Lab
Starch Tests
Hydrophilic & Hydrophobic Substances

Session II     Week 2  (July 19-July 30):  Physics & Engineering Theme

Homework Due Friday, July 23rd:  Bring from home something small that you think will melt in the sun but not the classroom.

Magic Fish
Circuits & Switches
Simple Machines
Solar Power
Earthquake-proof buildings
Light & Solids
Water Olympics
Artificial Biomes
Gravity, Height, & Eggshells, AKA
When can you see meteors?

Perseid meteor shower July
13-August 26  (best night 8/12)
Sessions in blue are linked to pictures.
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Friday, August 13th is the last day of
camp.  There is no extended day and
pick up is at 12 noon.  

Thanks for a great summer!