Science Camp
Project Pictures
Summer 2011
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(Summer @ Park)
Lead Staff
Chad & Randy

Group Lab Leaders

Armand & Sammy
Hannah & Miles
DeadFish Herpetological
Science of Life Projects:

Session I (June 27 - July 1)

Recreating Habitats and Pond Collection at Lars Anderson
Exploration of Animal Diversity at Stone Zoo
Slime Mold Lab
*special visit to CSI Camp for Brookline Police Demonstrations

Session II (August 1 - August 12)

Field Collecting
Spontaneous Generation
Global Biodiversity at Franklin Park
Symbiosis and Oceanaria
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle at Home
Creature Olympics

Homework Due Wednesday, August 3rd:  Bring from home something you think will grow if
we plant it, but that is not a seed or a whole plant.

Junior Einsteins Projects:

Session I (July 5 - July 15)

Observing without our eyes
Elephant Toothpaste and Floating Metal
Field Trip:  Harvard Museum of Natural History

Homework Due Monday, July 11th:  Bring from home a few unopened condiment packages (ketchup, mustard, relish, etc.) and
a clear plastic bottle.  Soda bottles work best.
Chemical Reactions
Non-Newtonian Fluids

Session II (July 18 - July 29)

Pipetting practice and density
Acid Tests and Science Magic
Homework Due Wednesday, July 20th:  Bring from home a slice of bread and some dust.  Keep them in separate containers.
Polymers & Paper Science Magic
Exploration/Investigation:  Lars Anderson Park

Bungee Eggs & Diaper Jelly Science Magic
Visiting Scientist from the New England Aquarium
Real World Physics--Soap Box Derby
Egg Drop
When can you see meteors?

Perseid meteor shower
July 13-August 26
(Peak:  August 13)
Sessions in blue are linked to pictures.
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